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Max - Great Dane Mix

Name: Max
Breed: Great Dane/Lab mix
Gender: Male
Color: Black
Age: 11
Weight: 93 lbs
Intake Date: 4/11/19
Up To Date on shots?  Yes
Spayed/Neutered?  Yes

Good with Cats? Was ok at an early April vet visit when 2 different cats walked by, but has not lived with cats.

Good with all dogs? Good with larger breeds, needs slow introduction and supervision with smaller dogs.

Good with all kids? Yes, just need to watch with toddlers as he sometimes forgets he’s getting big again!

Leash trained: Yes

Training (received or will need): Knows “sit”, “down”, and learning "go to bed" and "go to crate”

Crate trained: Yes, when alone at home and at night. Does not like being in his crate while people are around

Potty Trained: Yes

Needs Experienced adopter: No

Location: Oswego, IL

Max is 11 but sometimes shows bursts of energy and excitement. He sleeps in his crate overnight, goes out for early morning potty breaks, hangs out in his crate while his foster family is at work and gets a regular afternoon visit by a dog walker. Max is usually pretty quiet around the house, but when we come home, Max is the #1 fan welcoming us home. He wags his tail vigorously, prances around and even does a little bark to say "hi!". Max likes strolling around in the backyard, and otherwise just sleeps on his bed throughout the day.

He went to the vet on Friday and was cleared to have surgery which is scheduled for 6/26/19. He will have some teeth pulled, and also get neutered. Max, along with all his other giant Prairiefest participants, was a "big" hit (pun intended). It was so great walking in the parade and seeing all the "Ahhs" and "Ohhs" from the crowd when they saw these gentle giants. Max got lots and lots of pets along the way and slept like a baby the rest of the day!