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Midnight - Great Dane

Name: Midnight 
Breed: Dane
Color: Black
Age: 1 yr and 8 months
Weight: 110
Special needs: Hip dysplasia
Cats: Unknown
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes
Exercise: Short walks 
Training: Will need
Crate trained: Yes
Potty trained: Yes
Needs experienced adopter: No
Location: IL
Midnight was an owner surrender from someone who was moving and says he couldn’t take him with. We were told he had food allergies and some bald patches of fur but was otherwise healthy. His previous owner worked 12 hr shifts and he was left home alone. Sometimes crated, sometimes not. He was being fed Pedigree dog food but within the last month was switched to a brand called Whole Hearted and said to be doing better. When we picked him up on Tues, he had a large patch of fur with some reddened/enlarged bumps on his shoulder and then scattered small patches of fur missing throughout the rest of him. He also had reddened and inflamed areas between his toes on all 4 paws. The vet did a skin scraping on his shoulder and he had some pus and neutrophils indicating inflammation, possible infection. So he was started on a 10 day course of antibiotics. He is now up to date on his vaccines. Heartworm and fecal were negative. We noticed he walked a little funny, possibly favoring his back right leg. X-rays were taken today while he was under for anesthesia/neuter. Turns out he has pretty severe hip dysplasia, right worse than the left. We will be starting him on joint supplements ASAP. He’s underweight and vet agreed he needed to gain some weight but recommended he remain on the leaner side and as to not make his hips worse. In her words, the ideal option for him bc he is young would be hip replacements. We could try medical management but unsure how long that would be effective. He favors his right leg and occasionally has a hop to it but it doesn’t seem to be holding him back or causing him outright pain at the moment (that we can tell). She also said she’s really happy with how his skin is responding to the antibiotics. 
Personality wise, he’s still very much a pup. He knows basic commands- sit, lay, paw but needs work on his manners. He jumps a bit when he’s excited and will try to counter surf if you let him. We have only taken him on very short walks- trying to get him better and more comfortable with walking on a leash. He is very weary of strangers and will growl/bark but he’s getting better with visitors being in the house. He was pretty doped up but let a few kids at the vet pet him with no issues. His foster homes has 2 male Danes and he’s been okay with them aside from trying to mount them, which they won’t have any part of. So he needs a lot of redirection with that. Hoping that will improve within the next couple weeks. He’s super sweet but is terrible at cuddling- he just throws himself at you. Loves toys and destuffing them. He takes his Kong out of the crate and carries it around, occasionally dropping it wet and slimy in your lap. 

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*Just Giant Rescue Inc provides medical attention to all of its foster dogs that come into our care. This includes all state required vaccines, spay/neuter, heartworm with flea and tick preventatives and any additional treatment as recommended by our veterinarians due to illness. Adoption fees are what helps JGRI with these medical expenses as well as food and supplies for our foster dogs.