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"Just Giants is the first rescue I have volunteered with. Being new to the rescue world, I was not sure my family was ready for the world of fostering, but with their approval the process began. The volunteers are a tremendous help in resolving situations that may arise and lending a kind ear to listen to mishaps or concerns that may come up, and gives immediate guidance and recommendations. Since Just Giants is a new rescue I was a little skeptical that the business end would outshine the volunteers needs, but I was very wrong. Just Giants has offered me all the support I need and more. I am now on my third foster and I am more than happy with my experience with Just Giants. I am looking forward to the many years ahead, and my family is still on board, which speaks volumes in our house!"

StephanieYorkville, IL
Volunteer since July 2014

"I found Just Giants through Petfinder while I was looking to adopt a new dog. I went through the adoption process first, and although I missed out on the dog I was looking to adopt, I realized that I wanted to volunteer for this amazing organization. The rescue was just starting out, but they had processes in place that made both the adoption application process and the volunteer process as smooth as possible. The volunteers are incredibly dedicated people who care very much for these dogs. As the organization grows, I expect to see some amazing stories of rescues dogs and their new forever homes."

JamieBeaver Dam, WI
Volunteer since July 2014


Volunteer Appreciation

While it’s wonderful to show your appreciation to JGRI's rescue volunteers at any time, it’s great to also have a special segment to celebrate the important work they do saving and caring for homeless pets. In 2014 National Rescue Appreciation Week is November 3rd to 9th.  Inspired by the 7 days of this special week, you can show your local rescues how much you appreciate the role they play in your community! You can pick one, two, try them all, or come up with your own ways to show the kind-hearted folks who have dedicated their lives to helping homeless pets how much their time and efforts mean to you and your family.

Rescue staff and volunteers are on the front lines of animal rescue. Day in and day out they are dealing with abandoned, abused, hurt, sick, and suffering animals — and people who are often in very difficult situations too. “Compassion fatigue” is just as common as it is in other professions that kind of high-stress work. For those compassionate souls who’ve chosen to work or volunteer in animal welfare, the numbers of homeless animals and people who can’t or won’t keep their pets can feel overwhelming. Sometimes it takes only a very small gesture of appreciation… a word, a note, a warm smile… that keeps them going.

Here are 7 ways for 7 days you can show JGRI's rescue volunteers your appreciation!

  1. Send a thank you card. Or a letter. Put it in the mail. Yes email is easier, but a physical card or letter is more likely to have a longer lasting effect and be seen by many more people. If you have kids, enlist their help in making a thank you card! 
  2. Shake their hand. You can say thank you or nothing at all. A warm caring handshake is a wonderful way to show your respect and appreciation! 
  3. Use your words. Tell them that you appreciate them, in person. You can keep it simple, but a few genuine words expressing why you appreciate what they do can mean so much. “Thank you for working so hard to keep keep these dogs safe,” We love to hear how our work is appreciated! 
  4. Write a positive review. Did you have a good experience visiting or adopting your pet from our rescue? Let others know by writing an honest review on our Facebook page, or website. 
  5. Give a gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive… at our events, workshops and presentations baked gifts are a huge hit and enjoyed by all the volunteers. If you own a local business, how about presenting an award, proclamation, or plaque?  
  6. Send a photo of your adopted pet.  If you adopted a pet, taking a happy photo and sending (mail or email) or sharing on social media is one of the most encouraging things you can do for rescue volunteers. We dedicate countless hours, dollars, and tears with that one goal — finding a pet a new loving home. Your happy adopted pet photo (we call them “Happy Tails”) is possibly one of the easiest and most heart-warming ways to show us your appreciation!
  7. Last but certainly not least… adopt a pet! We can’t think of a better way to show your appreciation for JGRI, can you? You can find a pet to adopt on any one of your pet finding search engines such as http://www.adoptapet.comhttp://www.petfinder.com or right here on our website.

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