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Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in adopting from Just Giants! Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate giant breed dogs, and then to rehome them with their perfect forever family.

The dogs in our care undergo several evaluations during their stay with us. First we do a medical evaluation, which helps us determine any health issues the dog may have, and guides our decision about their treatment. Next we do a temperament evaluation, which helps us determine whether or not a dog is good with adults, children, other dogs, cats, toys, and all of the basics you may expect from a pet. Finally, we do a behavioral evaluation, which helps us determine the proper home a dog may require.

Your first step in the adoption process is to fill out an application. Please check your spam folder if you are not receiving any replies from us within a few days.

Adoption Application

Effective June 1, 2015, you will also need to pay a $25 application fee. We accept all standard forms of payment. Checks should be made payable to: Just Giants Rescue, Inc.
and mailed to PO Box 358, Oswego, IL 60543. Credit Card Payments can be made using Paypal at

 Once we receive your completed application and fee, we will begin processing it. Since we are a rescue and are working to help the over population problem, we do require all current resident dogs to be spayed or neutered (except for special circumstances). The $25 fee will be applied to any adoption fees but otherwise is non-refundable. The decision to implement an application fee was made to benefit both JGRI and potential adopters. Previously, we received countless applications from people who were not truly interested in adopting one of our dogs. The result was that we used valuable time trying to match the right dog with people who ultimately were not going to adopt. Potential adopters benefit from this policy because now we have more time to dedicate to those who are sincerely interested in our wonderful adoptable dogs. We do our best to keep you informed during the process. However, this process can take a few weeks so it is recommended to get an application on file as soon as possible. Once an applicant is approved to adopt, the application remains on file for up to six months.

Because we work very hard to determine what type of home our fosters would be happiest in, we must work equally as hard to make sure we know what type of home you would provide for one of our giants. For this reason, we require personal reference checks, a reference from your veterinarian, and a home check prior to approving your application. Once your application is approved, we can then start to determine what type of dog is best suited for your home, and which dogs we have in our care that may make a good fit in your home. 

We accept applications for specific dogs, if you find one you are interested in. We also accept general applications for any adoption, since many people anticipate wanting a giant breed but don't necessarily know which dog they would like just yet. Potential adopters should keep in mind that our available dogs can sometimes get multiple applicants that are interested in them, so it is possible that a dog you may be initially interested in gets adopted to another home. We do get new foster dogs into rescue all the time, so if the dog you are initially interested in gets adopted before you get through the process, we will keep your approved application on file for up to 6 months. We may also recommend other dogs in our care that may make a good fit in your home.

Adoption Fees*

  • Dogs less than 12 months: $600
  • Dogs 1-3 years: $500
  • Dogs 4-7 years: $400
  • Seniors 7+ years: $300 (includes senior blood panel)

*Just Giants provides medical attention to all of our fosters that come into our care. This includes all state required vaccines, spay/neuter, heartworm with flea and tick preventatives and any additional treatment as recommended by our veterinarians due to illness. Adoption fees are what helps JGRI with these medical expenses as well as food and supplies for our foster dogs. Please keep in mind that all Adoption fees are considered donations that are tax deductible.