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Breed: Great Pryyrenees mix
Color:  White
Age: 4yrs
Weight: 103
Intake Date: 11/7/19
Up To Date on shots?  If no, provide status.  Yes
Spayed/Neutered?  If no, provide status.  Yes
Chipped?   Yes
Special Needs: Partially deaf in right ear due to fatty tumour, daily medications. Also a food allergy 
Good with Cats? Yes
Good with all dogs?  If no, explain. Yes
Good with all kids?  If no, explain. Yes
Leash trained:Yes
Training (received or will need):
Crate trained: Yes
Potty Trained: Yes

Medical cleared: Yes

Behaviorally Cleared: Yes


Any interesting stories from the week with the dog? Her favorite hobby is to sleep, or lay outside. She does play with a toy once and a while that lasts a few seconds. She is the perfect i want a dog just to have in the house kind of dog. Most of the time you forget she is here. Lol But she does love to be petted. Mostly cause her skin is itchy and it feels good.

Her allergy test results have returned and the doctor joked she needs to live in the dessert. lots of stuff here in the Midwest she is allergic too. And she will be starting new food to accommodate her needs. She will be getting here allergy shots next week. She does not care for her bath time, only cause it requires her to go down stairs which she definitely does not like. I also have to use a ramp for her to get out of the

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