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About Giant Breeds

What is considered a giant breed of dog?

Generally speaking, any dog where the standard is over 100lbs, can be considered a giant breed. This includes most breeds containing mastiff in their heritage.

These breeds are generally found in the working or herding group under AKC classification.

Giants tend to grow rapidly, but often take longer than their smaller counterparts to mature. They also tend to have shorter lifespans than smaller breeds, which is a down side to making a giant your companion. Despite the shorter lifespan, these dogs do make wonderful companions, and have fun and quirky personalities that you can instantly grow to love.

Giant breeds are often known for their gentle and easy-going nature, which is how they get the "gentle giants" nickname. Despite many common misconceptions, giants are family dogs who enjoy being indoor pets and living close to their humans. They might take a little more work than a small dog to teach them the manners that a giant should have, but once they know their expectations, they will remain loyal throughout their years. Although there are many similarities among the breeds, there are also many differences. It is important to research breed information prior to bringing home a giant so you know what to expect and learn some of the common traits that each breed tends to have.

Some of the more well known breeds that are considered giants are listed below. Click through each breed to learn more.