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Name: CC

Breed: Great Dane

Gender: Female

Color: black with a white C on her chest and white feet

Age: 2.5 years

Weigh: 103.2lbs 

Intake Date: not sure

Up To Date on shots?  Yes

Spayed/Neutered?  Yes.

Chipped?  Yes

Special Needs: can NOT be only dog. Shuts down when she doesn't have another dog.

Good with Cats? Yes

Good with all dogs?  If no, explain YES! LOVES my female dane Willow and follows her everywhere. 

For the most part was ignoring my Male dane Krypto. She did get a little nervous when he got loud (he is almost completely deaf so is very loud when he gets excited)  but recovers quickly and moves on. Krypto is fixed but still very into CC since she is in heat so iv been keeping him separated since CC doesn't like him following her everywhere.

Good with all kids?  If no, explain. No small kids because when people move to fast she gets scared probably older kids that can understand she is scared and will need time and space to adjust 15 and up would be best.

Leash trained: She wears a 15ft leash in the house and a 50ft leash out in the yard and is getting better about both. Is doing so much better on leash including the 8ft leash.

Training (received or will need): will need lots of training in the coming weeks/months to help her come out of her shell and overcome her fears. we started basics and she knows touch aka come. She seems to get sit 90% of the time now but will only sit about 5ft or more away. Training is confined to the house and in the fence again since shes in heat.

Crate trained: yes. 

Potty Trained: Yes 

Food: Farmina- rotate within the brand lamb, chicken, cod (grain-free and low grain) currently

Lamb Pumpkin Grain Free also on digestible enzymes.

Medically cleared (by JGRI Medical)?No being treated for whip worms check up is 2/2/20 and recovering from being spayed.




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