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Mastiff Female 22 months

She has had a hard time decompressing and being separated from her owner. She had severe fear aggression towards women at first, including me, but within a couple of hours, she had warmed up to me and was licking my hand and seeking approval. 
She is a loyal little lady. She listens to commands well, comes preloaded with tricks like up, sit, down, and paw (shake). She likes to run free but comes right back when called. 
She used to belong to a family with a si glen father, ten year old boy, and twelve year old girl. She has a family history and thrived. She just needs time to warm up. 
While she is a bull mastiff, she was the runt of the litter and is half the size of the average lady at around 70 pounds. 
If you are looking for a little lady to be your constant companion and are willing to give her time to warm up to her surroundings, she is the one for you. 
Also, Wendy’s chicken nuggets are her jam. 

More information to come, currently in boarding till foster is found