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Here's our new foster pup...

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Name: Finley
Breed: Great Dane
Gender: F
Color: Black
Age: 13 weeks
Weight: 30 lbs
Intake Date: Jan. 10, 2010
Up To Date on shots? Received first round of vaccines.
Spayed/Neutered?  Not yet, too young. 
Chipped? Yes
Date and Brand of last heartworm preventative dose: 1/11/20, Heartguard
Special Needs: No
Good with Cats? Yes
Good with all dogs? Yes
Good with all kids? Yes, kids of all ages.
Leash trained: She's working on this, she is a bit shy on the leash right now but we think she will be a good "loose leash" walker.
Training (received or will need): Receiving house training, will need further training.
Crate trained: Almost
Potty Trained: Almost, we are diligently working on it 
Medically cleared (by JGRI Medical)? If no, explain: Yes but does need to be spayed.
Behaviorally cleared (by JGRI Medical)? If no, explain: Yes
Needs Experienced adopter: No
Any public visits: Not til she is up to date on shots: yes did great on a Home Depot visit . 
Please tell us about the personality of the dog:
Any interesting stories from the week with the dog? Finley, is a great pup. She plays well with all 3 of her foster kids and her foster sister. She LOVES cuddling, anywhere and anytime. Finley is growing into her dane paws nicely and plays very gently with kids, she even gets along with 2 cats in the house. Finley is a fabulous family pup.

** Medical hold pending vaccines 

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