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Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is an ancient breed, going back to at least the 1400's. They were, and often still are today, used as flock guardians. Originating in France, they worked together with the Pyrenean Shepherd—the larger Pyrenees guarding the flock, while the smaller Shepherd herding them. Their typically all-white coats blend in well with the sheep, and help disguise them from the wolves, coyotes, and mountain lions that they protect the flock from. They are used to covering expansive territories with the sheep, so a fence is highly recommended to Pyrenees living in city limits to prevent them from going on walkabouts.

The Pyrenees can be a stubborn and more serious breed, as they were bred to think independently, without direction. One must be patient and determined when training. They tend to be good and patient with children, and watchful with the family. Due to their protective nature, they can be quite a vocal breed.

They are a smaller sized giant breed, generally falling b/t 85-115 lbs. Due to their thick coat, they can overheat in warmer months. The Pyrenees is prone to joint, heart, and eye problems, as well as osteosarcoma and bloat.