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Happy Tails

Success Stories


Dolan came to Just Giants as an owner surrender that was pulled from the Indianapolis Humane Society. He was kept outside all of his life and was very underweight when he came in—a Great Dane should be somewhere between 120 and 180 pounds, and this poor guy was around 85. His fur was brown, not the black that it should have been. He was surrendered because his owners said he ate too much.

This handsome boy spent 6 weeks in our care for a variety of medical needs including some much needed weight gain. After he was healthier and ready to start a new life, Dolan was adopted to an amazing family. He is now an only "child" and lives in the city of Chicago near Wrigley Field. He is spoiled rotten and has 2 full beds on each of the 4 stories in the house. Not only does he have a big fenced in yard, he has an electronically activated doggie door to come and go as he needs or wants. Thats not all... his new home has an awesome rooftop patio too! What a lucky man to have come to Just Giants and finally found his forever home!






Moose is a big boy who is still very young at heart. His new family found him through PetFinder, and so far they love him! Moose has been struggling a little with introductions, and likes to be protective of his new home, but overall he is doing well. He got "skunked" right before he moved to his new home—silly boy! He's been to the groomer now though with his new family, and overall is a very happy, healthy boy!






Quinn came to Just Giants as an owner surrender. The former owners got him as a puppy and at just 7 months took him to the vet to surrender him. One of the vet techs there was going to adopt him but decided he was just too much puppy for her, so they contacted Just Giants. Of course we took this awesome boy in a heartbeat! While he was in foster care this pup learned quite a bit, even though he was still very much a puppy during his stay with us. He was a very food motivated puppy but also very head strong! He loved shoes, playing, tug-o-war, and wrestling!

Quinn was adopted by one of the volunteers here at Just Giants, and his new name is Gus. Gus is still up to his puppy antics in his new home, but overall is doing very well. He does have a little bit of work to do to get used to being around men—he reacts poorly when he first meets new men, but warms up slowly over time. He is smart but stubborn, loves to give hugs, loves attention and positive praise. He is doing well overall, just needs reminders for basic manners. We can't wait to see what a fine gentleman Gus turns out to be!