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Mouse pending adoption


Name: Mouse

Breed: Great Dane

Gender:    Female

Color:  Fawn

Age: 8-12 months

Weight: 88.8lbs

Intake Date: 11/10/19

Up To Date on shots?  If no, provide status. Yes got Rabies 11/8/19, DHPP 11/8/19, BDT 11/12/19

Spayed/Neutered?  If no, provide status.  Yes

Chipped?  Yes

Special Needs: none

Good with Cats? Yes my cat runs around the house and she has done fine with him even when she was eating and he was sleeping on the counter a few feet away she was fine

Good with all dogs?  If no, explain. Loves Willow my Female dane and Krypto my male dane. Meet my Brother's Coonhound mix and loved her aswell. I have not done introductions with CC but walks past her kennel and acts like she wants to play with her. Probably would do best in a home with 45lbs and up dogs as she is a clumsy puppy and tends to trip over her legs when playing and fall into the other dogs. Does seem to have some minor food aggression with other dogs we will be working on. Fine with sharing toys and can even take treats by other dogs. 

Good with all kids?  If no, explain. Loves kids but she is still very much so a clumsy dane puppy who would knock over smaller kids on accident.

Leash trained: yes

Training (received or will need): will need knows sit and speak. we are working on stay and down

Crate trained: yes but needs a treat to get her in the crate

Potty Trained: no has the occasional accident if not taken out on a schedule

Medically cleared (by JGRI Medical)? If no, explain no recovering from tail amputation

** Medical Hold

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