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Name: Radar
Breed: Cane Corso
Gender: Male
Color: Brindle
Age: 2


Dreamy Radar! 


The moment you meet Radar, the Cane Corso, you will fall in love with this hunk of love!


Each morning, this dreamy dog wants a bear hug before going potty. Just a great big loving giant who wants you to wrap your arms around him so he can feel all the love he so richly deserves and reciprocate with all the love he wants to give. How can that be any more precious?


Radar currently has a foster brother whom he loves to play with. A male Corso mix who has befriended Radar for fun, run, zoomies, and adventures in the back yard. But don’t worry that Radar only plays with big dogs. His best friend is a small, thirty-pound, bossy female Senior.


This bundle of joy is very well mannered. He eagerly learns and currently knows many commands such as: Sit, down, come, stay, stop, drop it, easy, load up, back, and kennel. Great on a leash and is potty trained and crate trained. He just gets better by the day.


Radar is 2 years & 7 months old (as of 9/19) approximately 110 pounds of brindle love. He is up to date on his shots. He’s medically cleared, neutered and microchipped.


Any potential adopter must have guardian breed experience. No exceptions can be made here. Due to Radar’s past, Radar can be bowl aggressive at times. Radar will, however, eat out of your hand just fine, and is incredibly gentle and he loves to eat from the giant kitchen spoon!


Radar is an absolute dream of a dog. A companion who will shower you with love, love being loved, and enjoy time with other dogs.  He will protect and love his family with all his heart. 


This love bug is ready to make your happy home even happier and filled with all the love you can handle.


Please contact Just Giants Rescue for adoption.