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Breed: English Mastiff
Gender: Male
Color: Brindle
Age: 3
Weight: 155+
Intake Date: 4/14/19
Up To Date on shots: yes
Spayed/Neutered: Neutered

Cats: Unknown

Dogs: yes he is great with other dogs big & small with slow introductions 
Kids:  must be older (14+)children that will respect his space and nearsightedness

Leash trained: yes

Training (received or will need): He will SIT, (for a treat)  He will DOWN, (for a treat) He will Shake(for a treat) ... he is VERY food motivated! 

 *** special note*** DOWN to Zeus means down on your back with all your feets up in the air!  

Crate trained: yes, but would prefer to just follow you around from room to room, or lay at your feet

Potty Trained: yes

Needs Experienced adopter: yes

Location: North Mississippi 

Information on Zeus:

Zeus is an amazing 3 year old Brindle English Mastiff. He is neutered and is up to date on all his shots. Zeus’s story is absolutely heartbreaking. His original owners dumped him at a local shelter (in Kansas City) on his 2nd birthday. They got him when he was 8 weeks old, when he was a cute fuzzy puppy. Their excuse was that they didn’t realize how big he would get or how much he should eat. Unknowingly these people put Zeus in the best place he could have been, right in front of Alexandra Heule of the KC Pet Project !  She fell in love ... thankfully she kept an eye on him, until the day when she could no longer say goodbye before going home from work, and on Valentines night 2019, she took this sweetheart with the big toothy smile home with her where he remained for the next 2 months... until Just Giants could take him into the Rescue. Alex knew that transport wouldn’t work for this boy... she drove him all the way to his new Foster home in North Mississippi. Alex did the hard part; literally keeping this boy alive until a Rescue could help him! Now the next step was that Zeus needed some training:  Zeus has some issues... not only did his original owners neglect to realize how much it would cost to feed him... they also did not afford Zeus the benefit of being socialized at an early age. He is now suffering the effects of not understanding the social graces that are expected of a dog, especially a dog his size... Zeus’s head rests at about waist level and he is currently 150 pounds. Zeus’s medical issues contribute greatly to his social issues. Zeus has some medical issues... he has bilateral hip dysplasia; Zeus is cross eyed, and has severe arthritis and knee issues. Zeus does not like people sticking their hands in his face! (Really who does like that)! But Zeus being cross eyed ads to his “stranger danger” feelings! He is doing great with training, and is starting to turn into a social butterfly! He has made lots of friends and has overcome a lot of his fears. He is under vet care and will be on medication throughout his lifetime. So the door is now open, if you are or know if an amazing family who can deal with some medical issues down the road, there is giant slobbery mush of a beast, who is in the market for the perfect family.... apply at


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